A Creative Company
for Change-Makers

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FlipTheWorld is a Creative Company for Change-Makers

FlipTheWorld is a creative company making business meaningful. We build strategies and brand identities that help businesses and organizations become more human-centered and impact the world.

Our Process →

Our living network of change-makers.

  • “FlipTheWorld has created a compelling brand that will resonate with young mothers. They’ve helped us establish our purpose and developed a strategy that will guide us on our mission to bettering motherhood.”

    Chaim Dahan CEO / Hummingbird

  • “After our first meeting with the FlipTheWorld team, we knew that we’d be working together. They have a collaborative, creative, and strategic way of approaching branding that has helped us articulate what makes us unique from any other healthcare provider in the region.”

    Hilly Apter Executive Director / Refuah V’Chesed

  • “FlipTheWorld challenged us to challenge ourselves. We had a vision of reshaping charity and inspiring a more generous world. Our new brand communicates our unwavering mission in a way that feels true to who we are and who we will become”.

    Chaim Shulem Kenig Director / DailyPidyon

  • “Working with FlipTheWorld felt less like we’d hired a firm and more like we gained partners. FlipTheWorld helped us reveal our purpose and turn our unique vision into a reality that would get people to think differently about fashion.”

    Jacob Lebron CEO / Vue Marelle

  • “FlipTheWorld’s strategic, human-centered approach made the branding process a pleasure. We’re ecstatic with the outcome, and it truly expresses Perfectdeed’s values and purpose.”

    Yaakov Acoca CEO / PerfectDeed

  • “I approached FlipTheWorld with an idea and found a team that has behaved as true partners. My dream has always been to make women laugh; thanks to FlipTheWorld, this has become a reality, and I’m now entertaining and encouraging my audience to be more joyful.”

    Zehavit Rosenbloom Founder / ZEYA Comedy

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Our Services

Keeping in mind the customer and audience that you are seeking to serve, our services help business leaders achieve a single positive message that sits at the heart of their brand.

  • Brand Strategy

    A brand strategy is the project’s foundation; it’s the underlying support system for the verbal and visual brand identity. A brand strategy is simply designing the path that will take us from our current position (point A) to where we want to be (point B).

  • Brand Naming

    Through interactive workshops and strategy, together, we uncover the ultimate name for your venture. A name that ensures all seven elements of a strong brand name are met. The seven elements are: Differentiated. Brief. Appropriate. Easy to spell. Satisfying to pronounce. Suitable for brand-play. Legally defensible.

  • Brand Messaging

    The brand’s message is your line of communication, a unique voice that expresses your company’s soul to your audience. A vocabulary that profoundly stirs the recipient. The audience is moved by this voice and is invited to join your initiative, to become a member of your tribe.

  • Brand Identity

    The visual identity creation is the most popular and fun part of the project. This is when all the brainwork and mental sweat turns into the visual expression of your brand. Your logo signatures, color palette, fonts, image style, illustration style, iconography, any visual element needed to express your brand.

  • Digital Design & Development

    Here, we start with the two most critical components of your website. The user experience (UX), and user interface (UI),  designed for an immersive emotional and functional experience representing your brand on all digital design touch points, primarily your website. All elements of your visual brand identity, message, tone, look and feel, are harmonized to create an engaging experience that speaks, lives, and breathes through your online presence.

  • Content Marketing

    After a holistic brand building process, your brand is now positioned to express its mission throughout all your marketing initiatives. Using the strategy, message, visual identity and online presence, your brand now has the collateral for a creative output to communicate its meaning and purpose with value-added content. Using the latest digital marketing mediums like social media, blog articles, video and more, on all touch-points, your brand will be seen, heard, and felt by your audience.