Is it possible to shed new light on
old branding and marketing terminology?

Why do we use the term “target audience
in marketing or branding?

Let’s analyze the marketing terms we use for customers: Segment Audiences, Target Customers, Round up leads, Capture market share etc…Just think about the literal translation of the word “target”, it sounds like we’re out to attack the audience by “targeting” them. It sounds like a war zone to me; are we picking a fight with our customers?

“A business with herd-like
customers is called a cash-cow.”
– Marty Neumeier

Imagine a customer being triggered by a riffle; he’s going to run away as fast as he can! On the flip side, imagine a customer being supported, relieved, or liberated by someone. Do you think he’ll run away from being helped? Customers enrol with the companies that see them as people, and not as “targets”.

We all need some help, and we’re all desperately looking for “helpers” to release us from our struggles. Maybe we should still be “targeting”, but instead of “targeting” our audience, let’s “target” their pain points, their struggles and help them become the greatest they can be.



The same goes for a brand, a company, a product, or a service; its primary focus should be to help, and then you can benefit from profit on the help you provide.

Yaniv Vaknin