Wealth Pursues Wealth.

How to be truly innovative and
provide wealth for the people you seek to serve.

There is an interesting idea in the Talmud
called בתר עניא אזלא עניותא,
“Poverty follows a pauper”.

The Talmud concludes that on the “flip” side the same applies as well: “Wealth Follows Wealth” and this made me think a lot about how we approach our customers and business in general. I think this type of mindset can be adapted to business thinking as well.

Are we here to make our customers “poor” by selling them something or do we want our customers to be “wealthy” by providing them with value?

Let’s define true “wealth” as Marty Neumeier says in his book the BrandFlip:

Wealth is any good that people get
out of a product or service.

Marty goes on to say that empowerment is the primary good(“wealth”) you can offer your customers.

This means that instead of focusing on bettering our products/services and making something innovative, we’re better off focusing on what “good” our customers need and making sure that our products/services could provide that “good” for them. That’s true innovation—inventing a space where customers can be their greatest.

Social media platforms created a space where “unconfident” people can now be “confident”. Human beings which were socially “poor” now have friends, likes, and can share what they feel or think with confidence. That’s innovative—something which wasn’t accessible to this group of people and now “social wealth” is accessible to everyone.


Here’s 2 quick formulas which may help you figure out ways to provide “wealth” for your customers:

1. What [good/wealth] does your customer want that [your product/service] could provide?


2. What [good/wealth] can [your product/service] do for people?


Here’s some “good/wealth” ideas:

  • Physical Wealth

  • Spiritual Wealth

  • Educational Wealth

  • Social Wealth

  • Creative Wealth

  • Generosity

  • Health

  • Time Management

  • Better Family

  • Better Environment


Now “Wealth Pursues Wealth”, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe famously said “Think Good and it will be Good”, think about the “good” you can provide to your customers and it will be “good” for them, for humanity, for you and for the world at large.

Yaniv Vaknin