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Brainstorming a Charity Platform. 

Charity is a foundational aspect of the Torah and Judaism. Charity itself has many dimensions and layers. One type of giving charity is called a Pidyon Nefesh (literally soul redemption). Pidyon Nefesh is a concept revealed to us by the Kabbalists and Chassidic masters of the ages. Among them, the famous sage and master, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. The renowned founder and leader of the Breslev movement expounded profoundly on the greatness of charity through a Pidyon Nefesh, unveiling its mystical depth and the invaluable impact charity has on the individual, Jewish nation, and the entire world.

FlipTheWorld’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Yaniv Vaknin wanted to streamline the ability for anyone, anywhere, to give a Pidyon Nefesh, better yet to be able to give charity daily. The FlipTheWorld team approached Rabbi Chaim Shalom Kenig, Director of Nachal Novea–Breslev headquarters in Tsfat–to brainstorm and potentially develop this charity platform idea.

The Birth of a Charity Movement:

Soon after delving into the concept and mapping out different routes for this venture, we uncovered that hidden within this seedling of an idea rests a potentially world-changing movement. The raw product of the original idea was to build an online platform for giving a Pidyon Nefesh every day. Still, we realized that the mission and vision could expand way beyond just the technology. We can build an organization that will not only provide a simple and easy way to give charity daily but one that will–through revolutionary media methods–educate and entertain people on the teachings about charity, to ultimately inspire our world to be more charitable, to be more giving.

Reframing Charity:

As we delved deeply into the subject of charity, our extensive research revealed to us that charity, as a subject, seems to be misunderstood. Charity is often looked at through a pitiful lens, making it a touchy subject to many. Some feel uneasy about not having the means to give, while others feel relentless to give, viewing the act of giving as simply not their responsibility.

We understood that it was due time that charity itself had a strong voice, a call to action. Hence, DailyPidyon was beginning to mold itself as this voice speaking on behalf of Giving, with the hope to inspire a more generous and charitable world.

Push Charity Forward:

Now that we had a clear purpose and mission, we ran a series of interactive workshops to help us form our brand strategy. A strategy that will drive the verbal and visual communication necessary to inspire positive change. We then boiled it all down to a single proposition that contains the basis for DailyPidyon as a movement and a brand: Push Charity Forward.

We needed to communicate DailyPidyon’s bold vision verbally. DailyPidyon’s undertaking was somewhat of a revolution. It was self-understood that the movement required a unique language, a voice that communicates its proposition, and a voice that inspires action and positive change.

Content that Entertains and Educates:

A critical component of the DailyPidyon initiative is a revolutionary media channel that translates Chassidic concepts on charity into practical day-to-day lessons.

The Push Charity Forward content channel is intended to take profound mystical ideas and express them so that anyone and everyone can understand, connect with, and benefit from. Aside from the written component, there was a design challenge to solve: how to visually express these teachings in a very relatable and friendly way.

The results are a rare visual expression that makes education light and fun. A unique style of vector illustrations, paired with delicious modern typography, makes DailyPidyon’s content channel entertaining as it is educative.

Stay tuned for the complete case study coming soon.

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