Bettering motherhood

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Chaim and Sara Idy Dahan are partners and parents. They approached us with their business idea – top-quality baby products such as warm cozy blankets and well-designed classy baby shoes. In our first meeting, we wanted to dig a bit past the features and functions of their products and first learn what’s truly driving them behind this business idea. What else are they seeking to accomplish with this new retail brand?

Bettering Motherhood:

After learning and listening, we understood who they are as people, parents, and business partners. Chaim, an incredible entrepreneur who began using online platforms from a very young age to trade and sell products, was now partnering with his wife in a business that would nurture both of their passions.

For Chaim, it’s about building a valuable online business that truly helps its customers. For his partner Sara Idy it’s about her passion: helping moms one way or another. At the crossroad of their passions and skillsets is an online retail that sells incredible baby products. As a creative partner, this discovery was our golden nugget: Building a company around bettering motherhood.

Stay tuned for the full case study coming soon.

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