Moving ambitious 
non-profits forward.

Full case study coming soon.


A Revolution In Non-Profit Management.

Running a non-profit organization can be challenging. Managing fundraising campaigns, events, teams, and all the day to day management in between can be daunting to keep organized and sustained, let alone to grow and make progress. PerfectDeed is an innovative crowdfunding and everyday management software built to guide non-profits to success.

Solving Key Problems:

The tech start-up wanted to position themselves differently than any other crowdfunding platform out there. PerfectDeed needed a strategy and brand identity to unify their ambition with their look, feel and positioning, as they broke into the vast markets of non-profit and tech.

PerfectDeed had a global drive to help organizations spend more time doing what matters and less time fiddling with their campaigns and day-to-day management.

We dove deep into the industry to experience it first-hand by using competing platforms to manage our side-projects and campaigns. We discovered that although the industry-leading platforms had practical tools, we frequently felt lost and abandoned, struggling to maneuver our way to use these tools successfully. Their software often left us micro-managing elements that could have easily operated automatically.

These are just some of the obstacles that PerfectDeed turned into opportunities.

Full case study coming soon.